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Welcome to Vista Hospitality Solutions

Vista Hospitality Solutions one of the leading solution provider, serving to hospitality industry. It has emerged as a complete solution provider with a very strong reputation for its products based on innovating concepts, reliability, cost effective and technologically advanced. Within a short span of time, Vista has built an admirable relationship not just with its clients but with manufacturer also.

Vista provides all types of amenities to hospitality industry throughout India. We do have association with esteemed clients, Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels, Accor hotels, IHG, Carlson hotels, Ramada Hotels, Sarovar hotels and Choice Hotels etc.

To provide most effective and timely services to our clients, we have head office in Delhi and have presence in Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Trivandrum, Lucknow and Patna with elaborate infrastructure and specialized professionals team.

We are working with International Brands

(provide sales & service for same)

  • Miwa - Electronic Locks- Mifare RFID (NFC enabled)
  • Syron - Electronic Locks- Mifare RFID and Magnetic Swipe
  • ISM- Minibar- Absorption technology
  • JSH - Electronic Safe- Digital password and Card swipe
  • Save Key - Soft Touch Panel Switches- Room Automation, DND bells and Sensor Panel etc.
  • Customized PVC Keycards – RF and Magnetic type for electronic lock and POS
  • CII - Connectivity Panel /Media Hub / Remote jack pack
  • Geneva Sound System - Docking station
  • Electric Mirror-Mirror TV
  • Other guestroom amenities

MIWA Electronic Locks, Japan

Minibar from ISM, Turkey

SYRON Electronic Locks, China

J.SH. Electronic Safe, Israel

Save Key Touch Panel Switches, UK

Customized Key Cards

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